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I’ve been slacking on the updates. As if that wasn’t painfully obvious. The thing is, I’ve been working on some really cool stuff.

At work, I’ve been in charge of a complete redesign of one of our more important brands. The goal is to make this site less a brochure of offerings and more of a place of engagement.

The other thing I’ve been doing is laying the groundwork for the future of Short Story Thursdays. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to share the exciting things that relate to this but until then, I’ve signed my own NDA.

These two major projects have caused me to be spend extensive amounts of time researching and reading. Drawing and jotting down visions of a final product. That means less writing time.

But I’m not in the dark, shackled to my desk. That’s why I’m employing a tool called IFTTT (If This Then That) to help me share the smaller bits of content I create throughout my day. I’ve started with photos and videos from Instagram, but soon will rig my Twitter to this as well.

That’s about it. I hope these more frequent, albeit shorter, updates will help keep this blog full of interesting things about me and my life.


Short Story Thursdays

“I used to hate short stories.” – Jacob Tomsky in Book Riot

Jacob Tomsky, the founder, president, and czar of Short Story Thursdays used to hate short stories. If you’re a member of SST, you’ll find that hard to believe. If you’re not, I’d like to first implore you to sign up.

Jacob works his ass off each and every week to curate a short story to blast to your email. This seemingly simple task is actually an undertaking. I should know. Since 2011, Jacob has allowed me to be a part of this organization – both as a reader and a behind-the-scenes player. I’ve always found the origins of this organization to be a great story and, like the amazing writer he is, he tells it in this article:

So You Hate Short Stories? by Jacob Tomsky (


Silent All These Years … or Months

I’m a huge Tori Amos fan. I’m not a fanatic, but I can tout that I’ve seen her live multiple times and have owned nearly all of her albums. Although, I don’t listen to her daily or have one of her lyrics creatively tattooed on my body.

What the hell does this post have to do with Tori? Part of this post’s title is from her song, Silent All These Years, but it’s more in line with the fact I haven’t posted in over a month. Usually, I make a post that lists all my excuses. Only problem is that I don’t really have any, at least none that are worth sharing. As with times in the past, work has been crazy. I was promoted at Intrax, which is noteworthy – but my job is in transition at the moment. I’m still the video guy for a little bit longer, but soon I’ll be the Content Manager.

Short Story Thursdays moved from the original Gmail email address to the more bulk email friendly service, SendGrid. The transition went smoothly and I learned that people still pay AOL. What for? Well it seems they pay to have their Short Story Thursday story sent on Saturday. Good on you if you use AOL and like things to arrive late.

I also worked on three video projects. I can share one of them, but not until the end of the month.

See what I mean? No good excuses. What I can say is that I’ve been itching to write and very soon, you’ll start seeing/reading more of me. Yes you will. Until then, here’s the weather in San Francisco for the next week.


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Medium, SST, & Other Exciting Things

So I had a few weeks where it seemed like I was writing a new post every other day. Now, suddenly, I haven’t written one in a week. Well like anyone who’s late, I have a ton of excuses.

First is that I have been invited to use Medium. What is Medium? It’s yet another publishing platform, but it has quite a few things that make it unique. It was founded by Ev Williams, the co-founder of Twitter and Blogger, who decided to push publishing platforms into the next step. For the writer, it has a WYSIWYG unlike any other and it allows you to publicly share drafts with collaborators to be your editor-in-chief. For readers, the content is beautifully curated and the reading experience is fresh. It’s fresh because you can comment on individual paragraphs and unlike Tumblr or other blog sites, the sense of community feels bigger.

Does that mean I’ll be posting here less? Hell NO! While Medium is bad to the bone, there are things I can’t do there, such as Where part two of Music Takes Me. Damn. I just reminded myself that I’m overdue on that. It’s okay, I have an excuse! For my first Medium article, I’ve been doing some research, planning, and studying. It’ll be about new literacy in the digital age and you can rest assure that I’ll be cross posting it here.

I’ve also been working on some new developments with Short Story Thursdays. Namely, putting together a quick website and moving us over to a new email address that will make us more legal in our correspondence.

So yeah, busy. I didn’t even mention my day job and my three freelance projects. So if you’ve been reading, sorry for the silence. Until next time, feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to be a collaborator with me on Medium.

Short Story Thursdays

Short Story Thursdays presents Turgenev

“I will tell you why I don’t want to die: I will tell you… Now we are alone; and only, please don’t you … not to any one … Listen…” – From this week’s selection.

The District Doctor by Ivan S. Turgenev

Short Story Thursdays is a weekly, email based short story club. One email a week. One story a week. All classics. No garbage. Simply email to join. Every Thursday a classic short story will appear in your inbox, both in .doc format and .pdf for your smartphone or tablet, along with an introduction to the selection written by Jacob Tomsky. And that’s that. All he asks is that you read the stories (or at least the intro emails, if you want to flatter him and him alone). This project is designed to inject literature into your life on a weekly basis in a way that’s never been done before.