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Dear Assurant

The following is an email I sent to my renter’s insurance policy holder, Assurant.

Okay. In 5 hours and some minutes, my policy will expire. I guess you could say this is my fault for waiting until the witching hour. But, in turn, I would ask why the policy you mailed me claimed that I’d be able to handle this in a variety of ways. I started with your website. I was logged off numerous times trying to update my address. After relentless effort (13 or so attempts), I successfully updated my information. Unfortunately, the worst was yet to come.

After clicking the button to pay my bill, I found myself logged out again… and again. It took another couple of attempts before I gave up and decided to use the phone. The option to pay the bill was directed to customer service representatives who would not be available until tomorrow morning at 8am Eastern time.

At this point, I started Googling other insurers for quotes. I felt guilty giving up so early on you, so I went back to your site in hopes all would be resolved and you’d be $418 richer. Imagine my excitement when I got through to the payment screen. It said my credit card had expired, which was expected. I was invited to update the card information and hesitantly clicked the link, expecting to be logged out. Instead I was greeted with a message: To update your payment information, please return to this site in 48 hours.

Seriously? I had already tempted the notion of leaving you, but this sealed the deal. I reached for the phone. Enough was enough, it was time to cancel my policy. I soon discovered I couldn’t even speak to someone about canceling my policy so that I may find coverage with a more inept insurance company. One which has customer service designed for the 21st century!

So, here I am in Assurant purgatory. Willing to hand over my payment. Will you accept it or allow my policy to expire? Truth be told, I expect to be logged out as soon as I press the bright blue Submit button.