I’m writing something personal today. Mostly because I need to get it off my chest. So, here goes nothing.

HOLY SHIT! A few minutes ago, I was standing in my bedroom packing. I looked up to see something I had become accustom to the last five years – my girlfriend, Reanna’s, bath towel hanging on my closet door in my bedroom. You see, this has been its proper place for some time now and after next Friday it won’t be anymore. All because Reanna and I will have finally had a place all to ourselves.

Since I moved here five years ago and even when I first lived here in 2006, Reanna and I have lived in two different places. Every weekend, it’s been a tug-a-war between her place and mine. The exhaustion of needing to be mentally in two places at one time can make anyone weary, but a few minutes ago it all lifted off my chest in a fit of celebration.

So much has been in flux this year, but I can’t help but tell myself to ride the wave. Soon I’ll be waking up every morning to the girl of my dreams. The girl I met eight years ago and have been steadily with the last five … and her devious little cat, too. I’m ready for this. It’s exciting; it’s exhilarating. I only wish I could share my enthusiasm with my brother. I know he’d be happy for me.

So that’s off my chest. I feel good about it and I hope you didn’t mind me getting it out there.