Marching into March

Hello, hello. Man time flies. Get a little lazy and before you know it it’s been forever since you’ve published a proper update.

If I could show you the backend of my site, you’d see numerous unpublished posts from the last few months.

Some about politics, one about my the nature of good or goodwill. I’ve even almost posted a few photos for the photo of the day. Most of them are unfinished thoughts and the photos were aborted because I figured they weren’t very interesting.

I’ve been writing too. I’m very near the end of my first short story. Hopefully I’ll be passing it off to my “editor” tomorrow so he can give me some notes before Mardi Gras.

Ah Mardi Gras! I haven’t been home for carnival since 2008. I guess I miss it, but what I really miss is king cake. Someone send me some? Please?

That’s all for today. Just wanted to end the radio silence. Oh, and a happy birthday to John Steinbeck. That’s the guy in the picture. He’d be 112 today.