On Disappointment

Disappointment can be a bitch. Disappointment is the ugly consequence of expectation. Not only are the two connected, they’re perfectly symmetrical. The greater the expectation, the higher the risk of disappointment.

The reason disappointment can be a bitch is because, despite all the evolutionary advances human beings have been blessed with, we haven’t learned how to accurately control our expectations. It’s a fact of life; it’s inevitable that you will be disappointed. Given that we humans are so shitty at keeping our expectations at realistic levels, it’s also certain that you’ll be disappointed for a large amount of your life. Let that sink in for a moment.

Disappointment knows no boundaries, as well. Because our shitty expectations have limitless applications. We expect to wake up early and seize the day. Every year, countless people expect to hit the gym every day for the rest of their lives starting on January 1st. Some of us expect someone else to love us as much as we love them. Now in our hyper-connected world, we even find ourselves disappointed in celebrities we’ve never freaking met. Some of us just wish this damn thing would work like it’s supposed to!

We are disappointed in ourselves, in the people around us, in people we’ve never met and in inanimate objects. It’s a vicious cycle that causes us to flock to articles promising the secrets of not giving a fuck. Entire publications speak to our most irrational disappointments in the grocery store checkout lane. Disappointment breaks up families over the most irrational bullshit.

We’re destined to be disappointed. That’s why people say life is a bitch, then you die—because disappointment from your expectations is inescapable. So what can you do? Well if it wasn’t obvious by now, you can’t do anything about it. I could tell you to expect that you’ll always be disappointed but if you’ve learned anything from this drivel, it’s that expectations will only cause disappointment.

I hope you’ve not be disappointed in my taking your time to talk about this subject. If you haven’t, don’t worry, something else will deliver you a big slice of it sooner or later.