Shameless Self Promotion

Extended Vacation

I’ve been on a somewhat extended vacation and there’s lot to update you on.

I say somewhat because I’ve been checked out for multiple reasons. Since mid-May, I’ve been juggling some amazing and challenging projects outside of the day job. One these projects I’d like to share with you this week in a separate post. Overall, it has been a tough journey to get all of it done, mostly due to one major development at the day job – a promotion. You heard that correctly. You’re now reading the blog of Mr. Manager. Well, just content manager.

I have been on vacation too. A short trip my girlfriend, Reanna, and I took to go enjoy the wilderness of Yosemite National Park. It was the perfect trip that ended the last few months of chaos. A few things happened on this trip:

  1. I started writing a short story, one that will take some research to round out but am excited to finish.
  2. I write a scene for a short film that will either die like many other ideas I have or become a cool short to make over a weekend one day.
  3. I took a ton of photos that I need to sort through.
  4. I write notes and recorded video updates throughout the trip.
  5. Learned a great deal about Stephen Mather and want to discuss/write about him – and where are the rich folk like him in the 21st century.

Like my vacation last year, I’ve come back to reality refreshed. Two things that I plan to immediately follow up on are the photos and turning the trip notes and videos into blog posts.

Hopefully this hiatus from writing more consistently on here has ended. I have too much to write about, I just need to reward myself the time. In the meantime, though … y’all wanna get high?