The War on Drugs May Be Well Intentioned

Never before have I seen the failure of the war on drugs articulated as this response to someone asking how we get kids to stop getting addicted to heroin:

You want kids to stop walking this path? Stop telling them that weed and alcohol are as bad as all the other drugs. You make everything else seem like safe alternatives. Lay out exactly how people get caught up doing opiates and heroin, and establish safe havens for them to get help. Once you are addicted, there is no where to turn. To the law, you’re a criminal. To the doctor you’re a junkie. Let’s stop treating the drug addict as a criminal, and recognize that they are simply human. They didn’t understand the magnitude of the situation because they were fed all this “just say no” bullshit. Let’s be honest with our kids about drugs. Explain the differences between them. And provide a safety net for those who stumble. It’s better than adding a felony to someone’s record, and locking them up with no treatment, so they are doomed to repeat the same cycle.

You can read the whole discussion here: Reddit: New Jersey is seeing an alarming rise in herion use. Authorities scramble to curve “addiction epidemic” in suburbia