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Protest SOPA and PIPA

Today websites around the world are protesting two legislations that are currently in discussion in the United States; the Stop Online Piracy Act and the PROTECT IP act.

Nothing can be said better than this post:

I grew up with the internet. I say grew up, meaning that it has matured along with me. The tools and information that have become available to me on the web are priceless. I wouldn’t have been able to seek out all the materials being taught in ad schools if it weren’t for the internet.

Honestly, I could go on and on about how the free and open internet has changed my life. Justin Beiber’s success story would never had happened. All those people who are able to express themselves by posting covers of songs on YouTube — GONE. Goodbye is the rapid spread of remix culture. Sayonara is the ability to crowd source our society’s history, because if someone feels that any part of that story is copyright infringement that site is blacklisted.

But then again, if 2011 brought us the rebirth of the hacker movement — would we just build an internet around the censored one?



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