My Picks for Best Super Bowl 2014 Ads

Okay, so the Super Bowl sucked. Unless you were a Seahawks fan. Seakhawks fans love their game highlights and that whole game was nothing but a highlight reel for them. Know what else sucked? A lot of the commercials. Maybe I was young and easily influenced, but I remember when most of the commercials were utterly amazing. Even the weakest used to give me a chuckle.

So here are the few commercials I thought were the best. Surprisingly, the brands that usually knock them out the park were bland. This year, it was the least expecting brands that won out.

On the top is Radio Shack. Yes, Radio Shack.

Next up, Kia. Yes, Kia.

While not the greatest, it was the strongest of the weak. Since you can easily tell it’s M&M’s, it ruins the fun of being surprised at the end.

Every year, there’s one that doesn’t make you laugh but still is one of the best–because it made you feel.

Damn you, Budweiser. I wish you made beer as good as that commercial.


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