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Media Literacy: In Search of a USP

Media literacy is a problem. This problem is never more prevalent than during presidential election years. Facts are skewed for political gain and the media illiterate are left to feed of their droppings. They won’t give up their scraps for anything either. A recent poll asked people in Mississippi and Alabama their believe on President Obama’s religion. 52% of Mississippi Republicans and 45% of Alabama Republicans believe that he practices Islam.

I’m not against anyone disliking President Obama’s policies or having their misgivings about his tenure in office. But I am against the reality that folks are believing the propaganda that is thrown their way – hooking into their God-given right to dislikes and misgivings. How do you fix this? Well, being a professional in the advertising industry, I believe that our talents can help alleviate this problem.

I’ve tried to politely help point folks, from all sides of the political spectrum, to the truth. The result is being called a “liberal tree hugger” or an “evil republican nazi”, to which I’m neither. If there were a “just the facts, ma’am” party – I’d be checking that box off. What I’m saying is that the problem isn’t that simple. So, how do I propose we fix this country?

I need your help, to define the unique selling proposition for this country to become 100% media literate. Once we’ve got that USP, we can then move further and come up with creative ways to help folks who are targeted for their beliefs and fed lies and untruths.

Are you game? Put your thoughts in the comments.


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