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Egyptian LOL Cats

If the world ended tomorrow, the civilization that discovers our digital ruins would believe we were a society that worshiped cats. This prospect provides great insight to our judgmental tendencies.

Our obsession with cats on the internet is looked at with a light-hearted chuckle but what does it really say about us? It reminds me of our inclination that Egyptians worshiped cats.

It’s certain and logical that the Egyptians used cats to fight off vermin that were ruining their crops. But what proof do we have that they were worshiped? You’re probably saying… “Hey, they made statues of their cats!” Well, I’m sorry the Egyptians didn’t have YouTube. How can we be sure that those statues weren’t meant to make Egyptians laugh at the silly crap our feline friends do.

Wikipedia says the above statue is a Cat Goddess, but I say it’s the original “barking” cat. Until an Egyptian arrives through a Stargate you can’t prove me wrong otherwise.

But back to the present and the morale of my observation.

Without us there to explain, how would that civilization be able to know we weren’t worshiping our cats? Without context, nothing is certain. This principle is the root of every comedy bit you’ll ever hear but unfortunately, when the situation isn’t a guy at the on stage with a mic in his hand, the outcome isn’t funny. Today, teachers lose jobs because they have a photo of them with alcohol in their hands. Companies are making tons of money off employers who want to dig up your digital dirty laundry before hiring you. Professional and educational institutions are preaching that you must be wary of this. That your digital reputation can affect your future.

To the people who not only believe this crap, but are supporting it – I want you to know that when this world ends and another civilization will think Jesus was just a guy in a book and you’ll have worshiped cats.

The simple truth is that you speak to your mother differently than you speak to your coworkers. You tell a story about your work one way to your wife and another way to your boss. The single behavior that needs to change is everyone’s expectation that we are two-dimensional. That you are the same person to everyone. When in reality you’re a mother, an employee, a student, a sibling, a mentor, and so on.

So the next time you see something that causes you to judge quickly, remember that you’re more than a cat worshiper.


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