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Extended Vacation

I’ve been on a somewhat extended vacation and there’s lot to update you on.

I say somewhat because I’ve been checked out for multiple reasons. Since mid-May, I’ve been juggling some amazing and challenging projects outside of the day job. One these projects I’d like to share with you this week in a separate post. Overall, it has been a tough journey to get all of it done, mostly due to one major development at the day job – a promotion. You heard that correctly. You’re now reading the blog of Mr. Manager. Well, just content manager.

I have been on vacation too. A short trip my girlfriend, Reanna, and I took to go enjoy the wilderness of Yosemite National Park. It was the perfect trip that ended the last few months of chaos. A few things happened on this trip:

  1. I started writing a short story, one that will take some research to round out but am excited to finish.
  2. I write a scene for a short film that will either die like many other ideas I have or become a cool short to make over a weekend one day.
  3. I took a ton of photos that I need to sort through.
  4. I write notes and recorded video updates throughout the trip.
  5. Learned a great deal about Stephen Mather and want to discuss/write about him – and where are the rich folk like him in the 21st century.

Like my vacation last year, I’ve come back to reality refreshed. Two things that I plan to immediately follow up on are the photos and turning the trip notes and videos into blog posts.

Hopefully this hiatus from writing more consistently on here has ended. I have too much to write about, I just need to reward myself the time. In the meantime, though … y’all wanna get high?

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Medium, SST, & Other Exciting Things

So I had a few weeks where it seemed like I was writing a new post every other day. Now, suddenly, I haven’t written one in a week. Well like anyone who’s late, I have a ton of excuses.

First is that I have been invited to use Medium. What is Medium? It’s yet another publishing platform, but it has quite a few things that make it unique. It was founded by Ev Williams, the co-founder of Twitter and Blogger, who decided to push publishing platforms into the next step. For the writer, it has a WYSIWYG unlike any other and it allows you to publicly share drafts with collaborators to be your editor-in-chief. For readers, the content is beautifully curated and the reading experience is fresh. It’s fresh because you can comment on individual paragraphs and unlike Tumblr or other blog sites, the sense of community feels bigger.

Does that mean I’ll be posting here less? Hell NO! While Medium is bad to the bone, there are things I can’t do there, such as Where part two of Music Takes Me. Damn. I just reminded myself that I’m overdue on that. It’s okay, I have an excuse! For my first Medium article, I’ve been doing some research, planning, and studying. It’ll be about new literacy in the digital age and you can rest assure that I’ll be cross posting it here.

I’ve also been working on some new developments with Short Story Thursdays. Namely, putting together a quick website and moving us over to a new email address that will make us more legal in our correspondence.

So yeah, busy. I didn’t even mention my day job and my three freelance projects. So if you’ve been reading, sorry for the silence. Until next time, feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to be a collaborator with me on Medium.

Shameless Self Promotion

Getting Recognition

I live my life by the words from the chorus of the famous Joe Cocker that goes like this:

I’m just a soul, whose intentions are good. Oh, Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood!

It’s because I find myself always wanting to enable those around me by being the best I can be while bringing out the best in them. There have been some rough times in my career where this was misunderstood by the “yes men” and “yes women” of the past. In the beginning, I would grow bitter towards their lack of foresight, but as I matured in my professional career the need for their recognition lessened. I have been fortunate to be a part of a team that has had one another’s backs – not in the good ole boys sense, but in the doing what’s right way. This came to head yesterday as the senior leaders of our department paid recognition to a few team members and I happen to be one of the ones recognized. I’d like to share what was said, because it represents me perfectly.

“During the IGI site launch, this team member was “johnny on the spot” with intriguing illustrations, creative layouts (often going beyond the WYSIWYG and coding to make it look better), photography, videography, and clever copy writing that made me laugh out loud. The thirst for knowledge, from pop culture to high tech trends, bubbles up every day in their work, which seems quite naturally entwined with the rest of this team member’s life. Their down to earth demeanor makes it easy for peers to get in the same creative place.”

Shameless Self Promotion

Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest

It’s been around for years; Doritos lets anyone who has the audacity to make a Doritos commercial. Why would anyone do that? Because the grand prize is to win a cool million dollars and air during the Super Bowl.

I’ve always wanted to enter and over the years have either missed the deadline or completely forgetten about the contest. Not this year. Nope. Well, I’m proud to present to you, From Prison to Kingdom.