Who am I? Ah, the ultimate question. – Henry Chinaski

Born and raised in New Orleans, LA, Ronnie lives in San Francisco, CA and fills a variety of roles that include, but are not limited to, amateur filmmaking, professional marketing & advertising content production, and johnny-on-the-spot storytelling.

This website is designed to share his thoughts, observations, and occasionally brag about his creations in a form of shameless self-promotion. The subjects of these posts range from pop culture to high tech trends and will always strive to provide a point-of-view that challenges himself and his readers.

Exercising his passion for education, Ronnie runs an email based book club called Short Story Thursdays with its talented founder and author, Jacob Tomsky. His day job is with an amazing multicultural company called Intrax, helping them tell their stories and the stories of their customers.

Through tragedy and triumph, he always looks to annunciate the positive and inject creativity into every aspect of life. Whether through this website, collaboration, or in person – he hopes that this will be his “dent in the universe”.